How to Plan Your Reviews Campaign

Once you’ve signed up for Yay For Us!, you’ll want to start asking your customers for reviews. Below are a few tips to get you started. We will cover:

  • Bulk messaging (email or text)
  • Individual requests
  • Review responses
  • Followup communication

Bulk Messaging:

One great way to get reviews from your customers is through mass messaging. You can email or text your customers a request for a review (and possibly reward those who respond). This will help you engage with your customer base, and hopefully generate positive reviews for your business. If you have a system with your current customer names, email addresses, and/or phone numbers, you can export that list and upload it into the Yay For Us! platform. You can then create a single campaign that messages all the customers at once.

Individual Requests:

If you can’t or don’t want to send mass messages to all of your customers, you can also request reviews individually. To do this, simply send a request to each of your customers and ask them to leave a review after they’ve used your product or service. You’ll first create a new contact within the app or after logging in at YayFor.Us. Then, you can individually message that person using the templates within the platform, or create your own template for even more individuality and customization.

Review Responses:

Once you’ve sent out requests for reviews, it’s important to track how many responses you receive. This will help you gauge how well your campaign is going and identify any areas that need improvement. 

This step is especially important if you’re asking for unbiased reviews – if all of your customers are leaving good feedback, it may be hard to determine whether there are any discrepancies. You should also respond publicly to each review. Instead of individually logging into each social media app to respond, respond to all reviews directly from the Yay For Us! website or app.

After receiving a poor review response, it’s important to follow up with the customer. This can be done through email or text – depending on the communication method they used when submitting their review.

Followup Communication:

Once you’ve sent out a review request, it’s important to gently remind them when they haven’t completed a review. However, you don’t want to be too annoying. The Yay For Us! platform allows you to set automatic followups, and even start with a text message and follow up via email. We strongly suggest setting this to several days apart and a maximum of 2 reminders for a total of 3 messages.

Make sure to thank them for their feedback and offer any additional support you can. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the product or service, make sure to address the issue directly.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to start small, so feel free to jump into the templates and start sending individual requests right away. Once you’re comfortable, tackle the bulk requests. We can’t wait to about your successes with Yay For Us!